Helping Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Life Balance has developed long-term partnerships with both small and large hospitals in building robust airborne infection control systems. Using SāfAir™ reduces annual maintenance costs and optimizes the air flow in newly constructed or renovated facilities.

Stopping the spread of disease

Life Balance Technologies’ breakthrough system has helped slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and similar airborne diseases. With the SāfAir™ model, we have helped hospitals adjust their systems so they can increase the number of beds in isolation rooms and convert entire wings to negative pressure rooms for patients.


Applying Compliance Standards

Once the testing and the balancing is complete, SāfAir™ generates a report which details the results in the individual rooms and summarizes the conditions for the whole facility. The report can be used internally or for periodic compliance filings with accreditation agencies. Life Balance holds the data securely and updates the drawings to account for any structural or regulatory changes.

Promoting a Safe Environment

The SāfAir system can support the effort to minimize airborne risks in other facilities, including medical professional buildings, assisted living facilities, schools, office buildings and commercial venues. SāfAir is based on life safety and mechanical drawings, and identifies areas which are susceptible to airborne risks.

safe enviorment
Risk Management

Risk Management Tools for Airborne Infection Control

Hospitals are facing enormous challenges in balancing the staff and patient well-being and providing care for victims of airborne infection diseases. In the current litigious environment, KPac allows hospitals to identify and remediate risk areas quickly with implications for HVAC building automation controls. It also provides a detailed audit and analysis to support the hospital’s compliance program.