Hospitals and Other Healthcare Facilities

Life Balance has developed long-term partnerships with both small and large hospitals and their satellite facilities in building robust airborne infection control systems. Our software reduces annual maintenance costs and helps hospitals adapt quickly to changes in patient inflow, such as during the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facilities

Tracking infection control conditions is critical for long term care facilities that house vulnerable, elderly populations. We are able to assess entire buildings and identify risks before they become a problem, and can also help facilities ensure they are meeting regulatory requirements regarding airborne infection prevention.

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Engineering Firms, Building Architects and Air Balance Contractors

Life Balance partners with established professional firms and contractors instead of competing with them. We also encourage hospitals to maintain strong relationships with their contractors and provide tools for the contractors to do their work more efficiently and accurately.

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Accreditation Agencies

At Life Balance, we work closely with accreditation agencies, as well as local and federal regulators, during audits and inspections. Life Balance does not create new standards or enforce the current standards from accrediting bodies in healthcare — instead, we ensure that conditions are in compliance with the established standards in order to protect the well-being of all hospital staff and patients.

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BMS Partners

The future of KPac™, Life Balance’s signature software, is an integrated monitoring system that will test the conditions of rooms and areas within hospitals and commercial buildings in real time. Life Balance is partnering with business management system companies to expand KPac into the next phase of development. Partnerships like this will create a breakthrough in infection control monitoring, better preparing our industry for threats like COVID-19 in the future.

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Building Management System
other partners

Other Partners

Life Balance’s unique KPac software can help schools, daycares, gyms and fitness facilities, insurance companies, and commercial building owners to develop reliable airborne infection control systems to protect their students, visitors and clients.

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