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COVID-19 has caused widespread awareness about the airborne transmission of disease and more Americans than ever are taking precautions to prevent spreading germs through the air.

However, long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the founders of Life Balance realized the importance of proper HVAC monitoring and testing to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria indoors.

Life Balance founders Corey Kilpack and Steven Manz realized that many hospitals had not been meeting the standards to which they agreed regarding air balancing and testing. While this is problematic in any public building, healthcare facilities are particularly vulnerable to the airborne spread of disease.

Corey and Steven developed Life Balance Technologies’ signature software, SāfAir, which allows hospitals and other commercial buildings to test, balance and report their Air Balance and Infection Control Conditions. The streamlined auditing process improves compliance, reduces costs and saves lives.

At Life Balance, we know that current air quality control and infection control compliance processes are not enough. Life Balance Technologies has a unique chance to make the world a better, healthier place.

Learn more about Life Balance Technologies’ mission on our About Us page.