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Life Balance Technologies is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and this month the company was featured in a local online publication, Austin Startups.

The article, titled Austin Tech Company Aims to Reduce COVID-19 Spread in Hospitals and Other Public Buildings, explained how Life Balance is working to help healthcare facilities prevent and reduce airborne infections within their facilities.

Like many other diseases, COVID-19 can be spread through tiny airborne particles that are emitted by infected individuals and can be transmitted at distances farther than six feet—even after the infected person has left the room. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have noted that this is not the primary way COVID spreads, they have acknowledged it is a distinct possibility. This is especially worrisome for hospitals and healthcare facilities that are working hard to contain the disease and to treat patients without increasing risk to staff and other patients.

Until Life Balance developed its unique SāfAir software, most hospitals had been relying on an outdated, manual process to monitor air pressure and flow and try to prevent contaminated air from spreading. This process only tracked about 15-20% of a hospital facility. As the Austin Startup article explains, Life Balance’s software allows hospitals to track and monitor conditions in 100% of the facility.

Life Balance Co-Founder Steve Manz is quoted in the article as saying there is a huge need for this type of technology.

“Hospitals want safer facilities and they need to achieve this with tighter or limited budgets. We are helping them do more with less money,” Manz said. “Life Balance Technology is providing a solution to issues that existed before COVID-19. These issues are urgent not only for hospitals, but also to all other public facilities like assisted living, schools and offices, most of which do not test at all. More importantly, this is a solution to benefit the lives and safety of all frontline workers, patients, office workers, students and all occupants.”