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Air quality can be a matter of life and death. That statement rings particularly true this year as a new airborne threat—the SARS CoV-2 virus—sweeps the nation, causing serious illness and claiming more than 286,000 lives.

Corey Kilpack and Steven Manz founded Life Balance Technologies before the COVID-19 pandemic even started, but the importance of Life Balance’s unique SāfAir software has never been more obvious.

The SāfAir technology allows hospitals and other companies to easily analyze air quality conditions and effectively manage their HVAC systems. It streamlines the process for compliance, auditing, and reporting, which helps lower costs and reduce the spread of airborne infection.

Even though healthcare facilities have certain standards regarding air flow and air balancing, Corey and Steve discovered that many hospitals have not been meeting the standards to which they agreed. While this is problematic in any public building, healthcare facilities are particularly vulnerable to the airborne spread of disease, such as COVID-19.

The SāfAir technology will revolutionize the air balancing and testing industry by providing a more effective and less expensive way to test and monitor HVAC systems. SāfAir creates a virtual map of a building’s life safety drawings, which cover 100% of a facility’s floor plan, vs. 15-20% for the traditional air balance test. The software allows contractors to enter measurements for critical areas into the virtual map and receive immediate feedback about whether the room “passes” or “fails” the required standards. This prepares technicians to begin balancing rooms faster and eliminates time lags which can lead to increased airborne infection risk.

By utilizing the Life Balance software, the administrators at hospitals and other public facilities can ensure that conditions meet established standards to protect the well-being of everyone who spends time inside the building. This not only has massive implications for slowing the spread of COVID-19 but will also help reduce airborne disease transmission and hospital acquired infections in the future.

Life Balance Technologies helps hospitals and other companies easily analyze air quality conditions and effectively manage their HVAC systems. By streamlining the process for compliance, auditing, and reporting, we help reduce costs and save lives.