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In the United States, more than three quarters of the population have received at least one dose of vaccine for COVID-19 and 98 million people are fully vaccinated. In light of these numbers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released new recommendations for vaccinated individuals, noting that they can now return to many of the activities they may have paused because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

These activities include

  • Gathering indoors with other fully vaccinated people without wearing a mask or social distancing
  • Gathering indoors with unvaccinated people from one other household 
  • Gathering outdoors with vaccinated or unvaccinated people
  • Traveling without getting tested for COVID-19 or self-quarantining 

The CDC defines people as fully vaccinated two weeks after they have received their vaccine (or two weeks after the second dose of a 2-dose series). Even those who have been fully vaccinated should wear face coverings in indoor public settings and avoid gathering indoors with unvaccinated people from multiple households as well as large indoor gatherings, according to the CDC.

While these new guidelines represent an increased level of freedom and flexibility for fully vaccinated individuals, research is still inconclusive about how long the current COVID-19 vaccines will protect people and whether they will be effective against all virus variants. 

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