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Every year, hospitals and healthcare facilities undergo a process to assess their infection control parameters and controls. The report generated from this process helps hospitals discover gaps in their infrastructure and protocol and prevent Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that HAI lead to about 1.7 million infections and 99,000 associated deaths annually.

However, there are several gaps in the current system for auditing and reporting, including the fact that most airborne infection control reports only measure the “critical areas” of a facility—which typically amount to 15-20% of a building.

Life Balance Technologies seeks to address these gaps with a revolutionary software solution that helps healthcare systems more effectively understand their infection control standards and possible risks—saving money and saving lives down the road. How does our infection control system benefit hospitals? Here are five benefits of the KPac software:

  1. Comprehensive. SāfAir can analyze results from 100% of a healthcare facility, using a building’s required Life Safety drawings combined with innovative reporting software.
  2. More accurate. Life Balance utilizes a more dynamic model for assessment which allows us to have a more accurate report. We can also pinpoint the high risk areas of a building for the architect, contractor or hospital administrator.
  3. Cost effective. Life Balance not only provides reports at extremely competitive price points, but can also help healthcare systems save thousands or even millions of dollars by reducing the need for costly repairs and retroactive adjustments to address failed infection control standards.
  4. Fewer infections. Airborne infections transmitted within healthcare facilities can lead to serious illness and death. Life Balance’s software helps hospitals understand and track their airborne infection risk so that they can take preventative measures. We also save reports in our secure database so that we can help facilities stay protected through any changes to their environment.
  5. Less disruption. With a traditional airborne infection control report, healthcare facilities often need to shut down entire wings of a building or work around patient care. At Life Balance, we complete about 90 percent of our process online with limited disruption to a healthcare system’s daily operations.

Life Balance Technologies helps hospitals and other companies easily analyze airborne infection control conditions and effectively manage their HVAC systems. By streamlining the process for compliance, auditing, and reporting, we help reduce costs and save lives.