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It’s easy to forget about the importance of properly-functioning HVAC systems and heating sources….until something goes wrong. During the winter months, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in public and private buildings are working overtime to keep air heated and circulating properly.

It is crucial to make sure that HVAC systems are monitored and maintained throughout the winter season to avoid disruptions and loss of heat, which can lead to complications like burst pipes in addition to being a health and safety concern. 

Here are five important HVAC safety tips to remember this winter: 

  • Don’t block the air vent. Your home or building might be rearranged for the holiday season, but make sure nothing is blocking the air vent which can prevent proper airflow and lead to higher utility bills. 
  • Be wary of flammable materials. The NFPA recommends leaving three feet of space between furnace equipment and flammable materials. The same rule can be applied to other sources of heat. 
  • Don’t cover your thermostat. Make sure holiday decorations are not covering or blocking any thermostats, which can make it more difficult for them to read an accurate temperature. Do not place supplemental sources of heat directly in front of a thermostat. 
  • Test your smoke alarms. Before turning on your furnace or using supplemental sources of heat this winter, make sure to test your smoke detectors and replace the batteries. Heating-related accidents and fires increase during the cold winter months. 
  • Schedule an HVAC inspection. HVAC systems need to be regularly inspected in order to make sure they are functioning properly. Preventive maintenance will ensure you have reliable heat all winter. 

Life Balance Technologies helps hospitals and other companies easily analyze air quality conditions and effectively manage their HVAC systems. By streamlining the process for compliance, auditing, and reporting, we help reduce costs and save lives.