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The past few years have shown us that there is a dire need for more effective infection control and prevention technologies—particularly related to airborne infection. The founders of Life Balance Technologies recognized this need even before the COVID-19 pandemic claimed millions of lives across the United States and the globe. 

Their innovative signature software produces airborne infection prevention reports that are more accurate and affordable than traditional reports, providing data for entire buildings instead of just a few rooms. In doing so, Life Balance helps hospitals, healthcare organizations and commercial building owners meet infection control standards and reduce health threats while saving money. 

Today, we take you behind the scenes of Life Balance to meet founders Corey Kilpack and Steven Manz, longtime friends who combined their backgrounds in auditing, modeling, and infection control to create Life Balance. 

Meet Corey

While working in the HVAC industry—specifically testing and balancing services for hospitals— Corey became dissatisfied with the reporting processes and systems. He developed his own infection control model that met the demanding needs of building engineers, but was tailored for the Infection Control Officers of hospitals. This model became the basis for Life Balance’s signature software, which overlays reports onto the Life Safety Maps that are common to every public building for better testing and reporting. 

Corey and Kellee Kilpack live in Petaluma, California. They have seven children and five grandchildren. Corey thrives in the pastures and barns with his vintage Lamborghini tractors and his tool boxes. He has been testing and reporting infection control conditions in hospitals for 13 years.

Meet Steve 

Steve was the chief financial officer at multiple oilfield service companies and spent several years managing drilling technology companies prior to co-founding Life Balance. When the oil and gas industry took a nose-dive, Steve got serious about understanding the latest trends in data science and artificial intelligence applications, and even started learning how to write code. Steve understood the value of Corey’s approach, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, and partnered with him to create Life Balance Technologies. 

Steve and Kristen Manz live in the Houston area and have three children. Steve plays golf regularly with one new knee and one old knee. He is also active in several local and international ministries and spends a few hours a week in a local yoga studio. 

To learn more about Life Balance and how the KPac software can help your healthcare organization or business identify and mitigate airborne infection risks, contact us